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Knowing how to be in a child’s life is important for parents because a parental figure’s presence is extremely valuable for youngsters.

As a wife, mother, and grandmother, Norma Fleagane, author of “Sneaky the Hairy Mountain Monster How I Lost My Parents,” understands that parents must be present in a kid’s existence. Without them, children can easily get lost in the things they’re exposed to. Having someone you can lean on is extremely beneficial for children, and that should be more than enough reason for any parent to be present in their kid’s life.

Today, we’d like to present some ways that will aid any parent or guardian to have more presence in their children’s lives!

1. Go Out There and Make an Effort to be Present

Putting in effort is the most important thing you can do to be active in your child’s life. It won’t always be simple; there will be times when you feel pressured, or you won’t have enough time to get to their soccer matches or ballet recitals. It requires work on your part to make it happen!

Keeping up with your child’s activities is another way to get involved. This entails conversing with their coaches, instructors, and other adult caregivers. It’s also critical to keep track of their extracurricular activities, academics, and any other obligations they might have.

2. Regularly Set Aside a Particular Vacant Time for Your Kids

Making time every week to dedicate to one-on-one moments with your child is a simple approach to being a part of their life. It could occur during the lunch break or right before bed. Ensure you stay focused on your child and discuss their lives with them. This demonstrates to your child how valuable they are to you!

3. Always Take Note of the Important Things

Even when an adult’s opinion on something may not be that of a youngster, you still should make an effort to get involved for the benefit of your child. Remember special occasions such as your child’s birthday, graduation, recital, or any other event they participate in. Youngsters must be confident that their parents or guardians are proud of them; this is a wonderful way to encourage them.

Families often do this when showing how to be in a child’s life. Norma Fleagane’s book can also help provide additional tips via the stories Norma wrote. They show many ways to be involved in your child’s life, which parents and guardians often need.

4. Be There and Listen to Your Kid

Regardless of your child’s age, kids are bound to reach out to you with their problems IF you take the time to show them your genuine interest in them and that you are willing to listen. Oh, and recognize the hidden meanings, too. Youngsters, particularly teenagers, might not always express their emotions well.

Paying attention to your child without passing judgment and showing empathy is critical. This will make your youngster feel more at ease discussing their thoughts and feelings with you. It’s also critical to remember that kids, particularly teenagers, cannot always express their emotions clearly. You might have to look past the obvious signs to truly grasp their feelings.

5. Do Your Best to Be Supportive to Your Children

Everybody in the entire globe wants to be noticed and have someone tell them, “Hey, awesome job!” This is known as a network of support, and your children will naturally look to you as their caregiver. Try your hardest to be encouraging and supportive of your kid, even if you don’t understand or like the sport or choices they make.

Parental involvement with their children can be greatly enhanced by attending school. Attend sessions with parents and teachers. Be receptive to the lessons your children are learning.

Assistance with projects and homework. Motivate them to improve their grades. And whenever you can, attend events or programs at the school.

Practice How to Be in a Child’s Life Today

Your kid is going to need you to be in their lives. Norma Fleagane wants to share the value of being there for your child as they grow. “Sneaky the Hairy Mountain Monster How I Lost My Parents” is a wonderful read on which both parents and children can bond.

Grab a copy of the book today, and have an awesome time with your kids. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs and read about ways to ignite a strong and healthy parent-child relationship!

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