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Mountain Monster How I Lost My Parents


Sneaky is a three-eyed green monster who lives deep in the woods near Blake James’ grandparents’ house. Several books have been written and published about the fictional character, which can be enjoyed alone or with other readers about Sneaky. Why does Sneaky have three eyes? Do any other species have three eyes? What happened to his parents? Why does Sneaky live alone? How did he find a place to live? Why does he hide from people? How did he get the name Sneaky?

The author intends to pique the reader’s curiosity and ask questions about the character. Blake James and his cousin Makayla set out to find Sneaky, and when they do, they learn the secrets about Sneaky and his parents. How I Lost My Parents attempts to answer many of a child’s questions. Hopefully, the author succeeds in a lively dialogue between parent and child. This is the author’s sixth book.

Fantasy Children’s Book By Norma Fleagane


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